aki rissanen pianist / composer

 Aki Rissanen Solo Piano




Liner Notes from “La Lumière Noire”: ”Preparing and creating a solo album with improvised (or written) music is always extremely demanding for the artist. To reach the point of a truly individual musical expression requires many years of disciplined practice and can seem almost impossible today (it feels like everything is already out there).     For some instruments (in the genre of improvised music), which are not so often used as soloinstruments for a whole album, there are less recorded examples available for comparisation and individual approach to ones instrument can be more easily heard – creating a fresh listening experience.     Exactly so is not the case with solo piano albums: When likes of Art Tatum, Thelonius Monk, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Cecil Taylor, Andrew Hill, Mal Waldron, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Uri Caine and Brad Mehldau have already cleared the table, there are hardly any crumbles left.     BUT this does not close out the possibilty to create something extremely artistic, highly individual, intimate and touching but still virtuotic music (without the impossible detachment from the past and todays music).     I think that Aki Rissanen proves it on this album once again. The roots are attached, but the compositions and the sources (where the music is poured from) are most diverse, abstract and surprising. Something new to be heard here!”  –

Pekka Tuppurainen / Executive Producer


Julkaisut/ Releases: La Lumière Noire, AEON / ilma records, France 2015

Aki Rissanen, solo piano

Aki Rissasen soolopiano-ohjelmisto käsittää hänen omia sävellyksiään sekä “Musica Callada”- ohjelmiston, jossa Rissanen soittaa katalonialaisen impressionistin Frederic Mompoun sävellyksiä. Hän on julkaissut yhden akustisen ja yhden elektronisen soolopianolevyn ja esiintynyt soolona Suomen kiertueitten lisäksi Baltiassa, Tukholmassa, Pariisissa ja Sofiassa.