aki rissanen pianist / composer

Aki Rissanen Sturm


Sturm, ilma records, Sweden 2015


Aki Rissanen, solo piano (Yamaha CP-70 electric grand & Steinway grand / electronics; Pekka Tuppurainen, electronics)


Sturm is a solo project, where I improvise mostly on electronic keyboard instruments and my music could be described as ‘jazz-noise’ in one word.

From the liner notes: Aki Rissanen’s solo piano album Sturm was born in his own words from necessity and desire to release something very different when looking back to his earlier career. Aki is known primarily as a jazz pianist: “90% of my job description consists of and has always been acoustic jazz – sometimes in a more pluralistic context though. However, I have always created music with computers and electronic instruments.” This new album was built up through improvisation with, for him, a new instrument: “I recently acquired a 70’s Yamaha electric grand piano. This instrument has been touring around Finland with Kirka and Paula Koivuniemi (legendary Finnish entertaining artists). This piano’s new life, in my hands, is musically a little bit different… The instrument is at the same time acoustic and electronic, and the album is mainly made with this instrument. However, I also wanted to use acoustic grand piano on a few occasions.” At early point the project took shape in clearly electro-acoustic form. All sounds are originally born with grand piano, electric or acoustic, but have since been modified through computer sequencing and/or granular sampling. Influences on the album have been fetched (for example) from noise, static drone-based music and contemporary classical timbres.