Slide AKI RISSANEN pianist - composer

The New Solo Album out September 3, 2021


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Helsingin Sanomat (FI)
"Un Magistral Album" Radio France FIP (FR)



taken from Divided Horizon

1st single


taken from Divided Horizon

2nd single

Omniwerk Interlude

taken from Divided Horizon

3rd single

Stream Lines

taken from Divided Horizon


Finnish pianist star, Aki Rissanen releases a new solo album with a difference. The artist’s solo selection of delicate and ethereal compositions for piano, electronics and the incredible, one-of-a-kind Omniwerk.”

Aki Rissanen is a pianist of formidable talent and one of the most praised and highly regarded jazz musicians to emerge from the super-creative and original Finnish Jazz scene. As a leader he has released three albums with his long standing trio: Amorandom (2016), Another North (2017) and Art In Motion (2019). With Divided Horizon, he’s chosen a more sophisticated and solitary path, focussing on solo piano and the unique instrument, the Omniwerk.

Divided Horizon originates from a contrasting duality in Aki’s music. An older, classical sound reminiscent of the baroque era is combined with a minimalist influence and electronic abstraction. It’s this blend that gives Aki his distinctive sound and identity. Conceptually, its bursting with originality and integrity, the sound quality is pristine, the playing rhythmic and shining with brilliance.

Here we have a pianist of exceptional ability, bringing together new elements in a way never heard before. The Omniwerk is an instrument of unique conception – an experimental hybrid keyboard invented by Finnish instrument builders Jonte Knif and Jukka Ollikka inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s original concept. It both plucks and bows, combining a baroque era lute-harpsichord and violin sound in one.

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