Slide AKI RISSANEN pianist - composer

solo piano

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Helsingin Sanomat (FI)
"Un Magistral Album" Radio France FIP (FR)
"An exceptional album—even his best so far.” Best Of Jazz (UK)


with Verneri Pohjola & Robert Ikiz

The album released on July 14 2023 on Edition Records

Hyperreal is the new album from the Finnish pianist, composer and keyboardist Aki Rissanen. As longtime Edition Artist, he has released a series of highly acclaimed trio albums and more recently solo piano album ‘Divided Horizon’ since joining the label in 2015.

With Hyperreal, he has shifted gears, with drummer Robert Ikiz and long term collaborator, trumpeter Verneri Pohjola, seeing Aki switch between piano and electronic keyboards. The sound is deep, rounded and produced, and glistens with Verneri Pohjola’s emotive and poignant trumpet sound.

Hyperreal is an album about change, about recognising the importance of being, of being aware, of renewal and letting go, as Aki explains: “There’s a change to something new and yet unknown. With the rapid transformation of reality to the AI generated virtual reality or hyperreality, we have to be aware and adapt to these things and distinguish between what is real and unreal”. With an empathetically delivered and unified performance, Aki has produced an album testament of his brilliance as a composer, keyboardist and improviser. Hyperreal is an album that will see his audience grow significantly and lead him to new places, (in whichever reality they exist in)


an unique instrument inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

The incredible, one-of-a-kind Omniwerk.

The Omniwerk is an instrument of unique conception – an experimental hybrid keyboard invented by Finnish instrument builders Jonte Knif and Jukka Ollikka inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s original concept. It both plucks and bows, combining a baroque era lute-harpsichord and violin sound in one.


taken from Divided Horizon (2021)

Stream Lines

taken from Divided Horizon (2021)