Slide AKI RISSANEN pianist - composer


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Helsingin Sanomat (FI)
"Un Magistral Album" Radio France FIP (FR)
"An exceptional album—even his best so far.” Best Of Jazz (UK)


with Verneri Pohjola & Robert Ikiz!
enjoy the two demo tracks below...

Helsinki, Stockholm, Lyon and Istanbul

– the music of the new band Hyperreal originates from many places. Rissanen, who is currently based in both France and Finland and Pohjola, one of the most important trumpet players in Europe, have a long musical history. Rissanen has also played as a duo with the Swedish-Turkish drummer Robert Ikiz, best known from the band of Swedish trombonist Nils Langren. In the new line-up, the two duos form a trio that combines shamelessly lyrical Nordic jazz expression, Middle Eastern instruments and rhythms, creative use of electronics and breakbeats from the early 90’s.


an unique instrument inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

The incredible, one-of-a-kind Omniwerk.

The Omniwerk is an instrument of unique conception – an experimental hybrid keyboard invented by Finnish instrument builders Jonte Knif and Jukka Ollikka inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s original concept. It both plucks and bows, combining a baroque era lute-harpsichord and violin sound in one.


taken from Divided Horizon (2021)

Stream Lines

taken from Divided Horizon (2021)